Tuesday, August 27, 2013

What Not to Do in an Interview

I've had the privilege (?) of interviewing people the last two days and I'm fairly certain I could write a book on what not to do.

Here's a short list:

1) Do not arrive 10 minutes late.
 2) If you have visible tattoos, do not roll up your shirt sleeves so they are visible in your interview.
3) Do not like say like like all the like time.
4) Do not say your strength is that you are stubborn. Say you're a perfectionist or driven.
5) Do not say "your job sounds like awesome" because I will stare at you like you have five heads.
6) Do not wear earrings that come down to your shoulders.
7) Iron your shirt...seriously.
8) Do not say you are not really good at communicating when you applied to a school of communication.
9) While I appreciate your honesty, do not tell me that the only reason you applied to this job is to further your career.
10) Do not ask me if I'd like to apply for a Target Red Card during the interview (I cannot make that up, it actually happened).
11) Do not, I repeat, do not wear a short skirt. The rule is put your arms to your side and if your skirt is shorter than where your fingertips are, it's too short.
12) Do not wear blue, purple or black and gold nail polish. Clear, nude or baby pink are just fine.
13) Proof your resume, specifically your name. Yes, I had someone spell their name wrong.
14) Do not ask how long it would take to earn a promotion and basically ask if you could have my job in a few years. I am sitting at the table with you.

I wish I were making these things up, but alas, it actually happened.

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Anonymous said...

wow. just wow.

good luck!

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