Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Running on Heeby-Jeeby Lane

Remember how I mentioned my friend Michelle and I see the most random things when we run? Today was no exception. Here's how our run went tonight:

Hang glider planes (yes, plural) flew by us.

I swallowed a bug. Clearly, I need to learn to stop talking while running.

We saw our dreadlock friend.

*I cannot even put a photo of that...I just can't*

We learned that people like to park on Heeby-Jeeby lane.

We also learned that people like to practice their drive on Heeby-Jeeby lane. I wonder how many fish choke on those golf balls?

I had a Raiders of the Lost Ark moment when two gigantic bugs decided to chill on my back. Thank you, Michelle, for swatting them away.

Yes, that was my honest to God reaction.

We met the real life Beauty and the Beast, not like Belle, like Linda Hamilton Beauty and the Beast.

No lie, it was pretty amazing and scary all at the same time.

Are we the only ones that run in to these situations? Maybe?

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