Sunday, September 29, 2013

911: Police, Fire or Medical?

All I wanted to do tonight was go for a relaxing 4 mile run. That's it. I don't feel like I was asking for a lot.

So I get to the lake and start stretching when I hear, "Hey lady! Lady! Call the police, this lady, she's crazy. She has my cellphone in her car and I'm just trying to get back to Orlando."

My face was like this:

I immediately regretted not parking closer to the pavilion. Then the lady in question comes walking up with a giant cooler and is yelling, "You're drunk! I don't have your phone! You ruined a nice day by drinking too much!"

Why? I'm just trying to stretch.

Then the guy is yelling at me to call the police and then I see the kid that's with them. Well, crap.

"911: Police, fire or medical?"
"Police...I'm at (yeah, like I'm telling you where I run) and there is a domestic situation going on."
"Physical or verbal?"
"Verbal. Something about a cellphone and the guy is apparently drunk. There's also a kid. The woman is driving a white Pontiac, they are near the entrance.
"Police are on the way. If they go to leave try and keep them there."

Let's pause here for a second.

Keep them there? Who do you think I am? I am  not about to jump into this mess.


The woman drove off, I did not throw my body in front of the vehicle. I waited for the police to arrive and spot her at the other end of the park and went about my run.

I ended up cutting my run short because I have no idea what happened to the man in this situation and I had already had enough excitement for one night.

Only me....only me....

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