Saturday, September 28, 2013

Mornings with Mimi

Scott and I went out on a date last night so Mimi and PawPaw offered to have the kids sleep over. I love when the kiddos have these nights, not just because it means I can sleep in the next morning, but also because I remember how much I loved sleeping over at my grandparents house when I was little.

Sleepovers with Grandma and Grandpa were always awesome, but the best part was when you would wake up the next morning and Grandma would make you pancakes with the letters of your name. I also was able to have coffee (with ice cubes because it was still hot) and we would play solitaire and just talk.

Scott was telling me last night how Mimi and Jill are normally the first ones up when they sleep over and PawPaw always finds them at the kitchen table, just sitting and talking. I'm so happy my little girl will have those same memories that I had from my childhood.

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