Sunday, September 22, 2013

Women of Faith: Believe God Can Do Anything

This weekend I attended my second Women of Faith. The theme this year was "Believe God Can Do Anything" and the messages all proved this point.

Michelle hooked us up with some amazing seats. We were only a section behind the stage and there was a ton of leg room, which believe me, if you are an Amazon like me, you appreciate.

The first night was pretty relaxed, the worship team really kicked it off and then we heard from Matt Lowry and Shelia Walsh. Both sessions were amazing and at some moments hit close to home.

The evening concluded with the incomparable Cece Winnans. I'm not sure what impressed me most about her, the voice or the fact that she was running around on the stage in crazy high heels.

We were back early on Saturday morning (after having to make an emergency pit stop to fill my tire with air and then a much needed coffee stop).  The day was jam packed to say the least. We heard from the worship team again and first up was Max Lucado.

Max was amazing and there were definitely a lot of takeaways from him. I think this photo is my favorite takeaway from his talk:

Amazing, right? After Max we heard from Lisa Harper, Holly Wagner and the band Third Day.  Third Day was ah-mazing! I had to laugh though because the older ladies in front of us were plugging their ears almost the entire time. They were pretty loud, but it was totally worth it because of how awesome they were.

At the end of their set they brought Shelia Walsh on stage to sing with them, it was fantastic. She has such an amazing voice and it worked so well with Third Day!

Like I mentioned in the beginning the two days were amazing. I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to attend again this year with an amazing group of women. I'm also thankful for a husband who didn't mind that I was gone for two days.

Most of all I am thankful for a friendship that has only strengthened with these past two Women of Faith weekends. Thank you Michelle for inviting me last year and for your continued friendship throughout the years. You are such a blessing!

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