Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Neon Run "5K"

Last night my friend Michelle and I ran the Neon Run with one of her friends. It took us FOREVER to even get into the parking lot and Michelle and I were genuinely concerned about missing our wave time. Silly us.

When we finally parked and tutued up we heading in looking for chips for our time. It was like we had three heads. This was hands down the most unorganized race either of us have attended. You simply came in whenever and got in line. Then you started, were not timed and had random glow crap sprayed on you.

Let me also mention that the race path was on the grass, that was not lit and full of dips and holes. My ankles took quite the beating on this course and I know a few people went home with twisted ankles.

When we started the "race" I mentioned to the girls that I didn't think it was going to be 3 miles simply based
on the fact that I could see people finished when we were at .6 miles. I was right. The course was only 2.19 miles, so a mile short. It was HILARIOUS though hearing everyone say things like "I crushed my previous time!" or "I totally PR'ed!".  No, no you didn't. The other quote from the evening was the woman that said she hadn't eaten all day but had a few margaritas so she should be good. Glad we didn't finish with her.

Having our photo taken in front of a black light with glow paint on was pretty cool. It felt disgusting, but it was cool.

We left right after the photo and then noticed it was only 9 o'clock. We are three mothers with no children and no husbands with us, there is no way we are going home. The next logical stop was obviously Chili's for margaritas and queso. Glow paint and booty shorts be damned, we were doing it.

When we pulled in to Chili's I was seriously having second thoughts. Dana and Michelle were both in cropped running pants, I was basically in spandex shorts. It was amazing. However, we went in with the attitude that people normally dress like this and clearly they were missing out. Plus, after 2-for-1 margaritas, nothing else really matters.

Even though the race itself was pretty disappointing, we all had a blast. Meeting Dana was fantastic, she's definitely a riot and running with Michelle is always a blast.

I'm looking forward to our next run that does not include people raving or raging or whatever it is that they do and no glow paint.

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