Sunday, November 24, 2013

Gobble 'Til Ya Wobble: Turkey Trot 5K

Saturday, Michelle and I ran the Turkey Trot 5K. This race was Michelle's first ever race last year, so we were pretty excited to run it again.

Michelle was sick all week and was battling a chest cold, but we still kicked butt. At one point though we realized we were supposed to have already turned around. Yeah, they didn't have anyone turning us around, so we just kept going.

I do feel bad for the people that didn't turn around when the rest of us did. Who knows how far they went!

The 5K turned into a 3.5 mile race for us. I did manage to take a glance at what would have been our 5K time and we would have beat our time from last year by a minute. I call that a success.

When we came up to the finish I heard the kiddos before I saw them. They
both ran out to high five me before I crossed. Seriously, that is the best feeling and instantly makes you feel like you came in first.

They also called my name as I crossed (pronounced it right, too). I have never had that happen before. I actually turned around in disbelief. It was so awesome.

This was also my first race in my super comfy Sparkle Skirt. I love it and would wear it every single day if I could.

Thank you, Michelle for running this with me even though you were feeling under the weather!

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