Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Hitting the Breaking Point

I've barely slept the past several days. I have no problem falling asleep, it's staying asleep that seems to be my undoing right now. I'm awake every hour or so and I just stare at the ceiling making my mental checklist of everything that needs to be done.

I'm hitting my breaking point.

I have about a dozen or so plates spinning at work, plus the kiddos, plus the house and let's not forget my poor husband. Oh, gosh, then there's friends.

I'm hitting my breaking point.

Today I left work early for Jillian's parent teacher conference. I had to leave work two hours early to make it there in time. The conference is actually on Thursday. I didn't pay attention to the date on the slip the teacher sent home.

I've hit my breaking point.

Isn't it crazy how something so silly just completely sets you off? It was an honest mistake. I saw "T" and 4:15, which in my world is Tuesday at 4:15. I didn't read the whole slip. Honest mistake.

I've hit my breaking point.

The conference mix up just opened the flood gates and all of my mental checklists and all of the pressure that I have put upon myself just flew out of my mouth (and eyes) like word vomit at Scott.

I'm beyond my breaking point.

I had to hit this point though, and I feel like every so often it is something I need to do to remind myself that I am not superwoman. For some reason we like to take everything upon ourselves, it's almost martyr like. We will sacrifice whatever we need to in an effort to prove that we can handle it. We're strong, we've got this.

Sometimes, we just don't have it.

Today, I just don't have it. That's not to say that tomorrow I won't. I probably will. There's something about acknowledging that you're human (I know, it sounds so silly) and that you're allowed to make mistakes that gives you perspective on everything else.

Well, Tuesday, thanks for the reminder. Let's put the pieces back together on Wednesday, shall we?

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Anonymous said...

Hopefully you have a successful Wednesday & enjoy getting off early on Thursday to make it to the conference.

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