Monday, November 25, 2013

What I'm Pretty Sure I Look Like When I Run...

I went for a run on Sunday afternoon. It was a pretty chilly and windy afternoon, so there really were not a lot of people out where I run. It was such an eerie feeling.

I was clipping along pretty well rocking to Michael Jackson and the Spice Girls (don't judge) and then I turned around to come back. I was running directly into the wind, which seemed to be coming from all directions, so I wasn't really clipping along as much as I was running like a basset hound. You know what I mean. I looked like this:

Now I'm heading back towards civilization and this guy is on the path and he yells, "God! You're hot!" as I run by. I shot him the "I swear to God if you move an inch I will knee you in the balls" look and ran just a touch faster. Did I mention I looked liked a basset hound? I'm pretty sure I looked like this after the comment:

When I got back to the house and told Scott about it, he started looking into Garmin's for me. Specifically he was looking for ones with GPS tracking so you know, he can watch me run. I kind of feel like my basset hound running style is all the security I need. 

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