Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Weekend I Ate A Lot of Stuffing

I just had four days off from work. Four days. That's like an eternity. I'm not totally sure what I accomplished in those four days, but I do know I did not get to sleep in, which is bogus.

Thursday morning we were up before 6 a.m., I feel like that should be illegal. The kiddos did help me that morning with the apple pie for dessert and then we all snuggled up to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

We tuned into the parade before it officially kicked off, so we were able to watch a lot of the Broadway productions. Now, I know there was a lot of controversy around the Kinky Boots performance, but that is not what had my daughter up in arms (she was actually jealous of all the men in boots, because she wanted their shoes). What had my daughter upset? The Sound of Music performance. To quote Jillian, "Um, that's not who sings that song. That's not right." Preach on sister.
Neither child made it all the way through the parade. I think we lost Aaron a good 15 minutes before Santa and poor Jillian was out minutes before the big guy made his appearance. To say she was upset would be an understatement. I heard about the fact that she missed him all day long.

After they woke up we headed up to Mimi and PawPaw's to help finish up dinner and wait not so patiently for Scott to come home (yes, he had to work).  Dinner was super delicious and I'm fairly certain I ate my body weight in stuffing. No really. If you were to look at my plate it would be 10% turkey, 10% cranberry, 5% gravy, 15% sweet potatoes, 10% cornbread dressing and 50% bread stuffing.

Scott and I had the bright idea to put up our Christmas tree that night so the kiddos and I could decorate it the next morning. Well, that 10% of turkey kicked my butt, so I supervised from the couch. Jillian was also up and supervised thisclose to the her father. I wasn't sure if the tree would continue to go up at that point, but thankfully it did.

The next morning Jillian was up at 5:15. Yes, as in a.m.  She wanted to start decorating the tree. Yes, at 5:15 a.m. I reminded her that Mommy needs at least 1.5 cups of coffee prior to any kind of activity. She stared at me while I drank my coffee and then sprung into action. I will give it to the kiddos, they had the tree decorated in record time and I only had to move a few ornaments.

Friday was also Scott's birthday. We met up with his parents for dinner and then came home for some cake. The kiddos love decorating cakes for him and were beyond excited for him to open his present.

Saturday I was up early again to meet my friend Michelle for a 6 mile run. I didn't really mind getting up early, because I really wanted to get this run in. After all, I did consume copious amounts of stuffing. We crushed our previous 6 mile time  by 5 minutes, which is a huge success in my book.

Later that day we went over to Michelle's house to watch the FSU vs UF game and celebrate Scott and Harley's birthdays. Scott and Harley have been friends since high school and their birthdays are a day apart and always during the rivalry game. It was perfect.

Michelle and I pulled off the ultimate surprise and surprised the guys with an FSU cake. Okay, well Scott was surprised because Harley saw it. Still, surprised.

Can we take a second and break from my weekend to discuss the Auburn vs Alabama game? I mean holy crap that was amazing.

Okay, back to me. Today was pretty chill. We really didn't do anything and I'm completely fine with that. I am suffering from stuffing withdrawal though. I'm hoping that half gallon of peppermint ice cream will dull the pain.

Hope you had an equally wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

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