Sunday, March 16, 2014

Winter Park Road Race

Scott, Michelle and I raced yesterday morning. It was the final Track Shack race of the season and we just had to do it.

There were two separate races, the 2 mile and the 10k, or you could do both as a part of the distance dare challenge. Naturally, we chose the distance dare challenge. Go big or go home, right?

For the distance dare you had to run the 2 miles first and then immediately go down to the start line of the 10k. By the time I crossed (27:12) and made my way down they were sounding the air horn for the 10k.

Michelle and I had split up during the 2 miles, but thankfully, she was only a minute or so behind me and we were able to start the 10k together. Scott was behind us, but booking it. He was averaging a 14 minute per mile walking pace.

The funniest moment of the race? When Scott passed us. Seriously. We were just past mile 1 of the 10k and Scott just zoomed past us. Of course, he made a spectacle and started yelling that everyone should take a photo because this was the only time that he would be passing me.

Since we all caught up to each other, I decided this was the race I would do with Scott. He has never asked me to stay back with him because he always wants me to crush my previous time, but I wanted to be there with him on his longest race to date.

This was my first time walking with him and hot damn was I impressed. Not only was I impressed with how in the zone he was, but I was impressed with how far he has come since January. If anyone has any doubts about how dedicated he is to losing weight and getting in shape, walk with him when he hits his stride.

Michelle met up with us and walked the majority of the 10k with us as well.

I have to say, Winter Park has become one of my favorite courses (minus the brick roads). The trees, the lake views, the insanely gorgeous houses, all make this course my favorite. I think the majority of the race that's all we commented on.

When we began to approach mile 6 I knew I was close to my Enchanted 10k time, so I gave Scott the "please don't hate me, I really want to be close" look and he told me to run. I finished the last .3 or so on my own, literally. No, seriously, at one point I was the only runner. There were people in front of me and people way behind me, but nobody around me. It was kind of a cool experience.

I finished the 10k in 1:32:37 which wasn't too far off from my Enchanted 10k time. Michelle was close behind at 1:33:41 and Scott came in at 1:34:06.  For the distance dare our combined times were:

Me: 1:59:48
Michelle: 2:02:37
Scott: 2:04:26

I am so proud of Scott! This was his longest distance to date and his first medals. You betcha he worse those the majority of the day!

Thank you to all of the volunteers that were on the course. Thank you to the random residents of Winter Park that played the Rocky Theme, Chariots of Fire and other various songs along the route.

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So proud of you two!

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