Sunday, April 27, 2014

Birthday Week - Age 31 (Yikes!)

So much has been going on over here and I have not taken the five minutes to sit down and write about it. I mean, if we're being honest, I did spend this past week celebrating my birthday.

If we're being completely honest, 31 was a hard one. I think it's the fact that I'm officially "in" my thirties that is strange/depressing. The thing that keeps me going is knowing that Scott is a lot closer to 40 than I am. *wink* Love ya babe!

Like I mentioned, I spent the majority of my week celebrating and eating truly awful for you but totally delicious meals. My frolleauges took me out on Tuesday to Mellow Mushroom. Let me tell you the backstory on this one. When I went to the Vocus conference last year one of the sessions was led by the PR director of Mellow Mushroom. She talked about a campaign that they did on Twitter and I have brought this up in many meetings declaring it the best campaign ever. Take a  peek:

Anyway, the creepy mushroom is a staple in my office. I give you exhibit a:

If you have a Mellow Mushroom near you, go over and have a calzone. You won't regret it. 

Wednesday was my actual birthday and when I arrived at the office apparently I was too early. Alyssa slammed my office door and yelled at me that it was my birthday and I should learn to sleep in. The door slamming was worth it though. The girls did an amazing job and made me feel the love!

There was also another birthday lunch (Qdoba!) and then we went to volunteer at Second Harvest Food Bank to sort donations. I really wanted to make volunteering a part of my birthday. I've been volunteering there for almost a year and I love being able to give back.

After the food bank I met up with Scott, the kiddos, Mimi, PawPaw, Aunt Buddy and Karyn at Abuelo's.  It's seriously my favorite Mexican restaurant. 

Thursday was birthday lunch part three, this time we went to one of my favorite places on campus, Burger U. I love their garlic parmesan fries, they are worth the two sticks of gum and handful of mints I have to consume after the fact.

Thursday night is when everything kind of went downhill. Aaron was complaining of a sore throat and then he puked all over us in the middle of the night. I knew in that moment...strep. How he managed to catch strep I have no idea. All of the times Jillian has had it this past year, he has not caught it once. 

I took Friday off to confirm my suspicion. I think the test turned almost immediately. Our afternoon was spent snuggling, eating yellow rice and drinking strawberry kiwi juice. 

The rest of the weekend was spent letting Aaron rest and a girls lunch with my Jilly. I will thank the awful strep virus for making me actually deep clean my house. So...there's that. 

I think we're finally caught up! Phew! Hope you had a fantastic weekend!

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