Friday, April 4, 2014

Smoky Mountain - Part 4

Hello, Dolly! That's right, we went to Dollywood! I mean, really, how could you go to Pigeon Forge and not go to Dollywood?! Put on your best Dolly Parton wig, rhinestone boots, vests and hats kiddos.

To say it was cold that morning is an understatement. We were all freezing, I'm not even exaggerating. We trekked on anyway and made our way for the turnstiles. Let me point out something that threw me for a loop the majority of the day, there was no bag check. Yeah, no bag check. Disney this was not.

One of our first stops was the central measuring station. This is where you take your kiddos to be measured for all of the rides. Your child is then given a colored wristband (that matches the color coding on the rides) and you immediately know which rides they can and cannot ride. It's genius.

Speaking of rides, a lot of them were not open when we arrived because it was too cold. We were able to make it onto all of the little kid rides and they played on some of the playgrounds. We also rode the coal train, which would have been much more enjoyable had it been about 20 degrees warmer. Aaron loved it though, and if we're being completely honest, Scott loved it more.

We spent a good chunk of our day there and even went on Dolly's tour bus and went through the museum that they have there. Jill loved all of her costumes and then proceeded to sing "Apple Jack" throughout the park.

After the fun of Dollywood we headed home and made s'mores. The only time we have made s'mores was in the oven (I know, lame).

The kids loved roasting marshmallows and they would have roasted the entire bag if we let them. Naturally, by roasted I mean set them on fire and blow them out. They did not think that the marshmallows were done until they caught fire.

Jillian did not like the roasted marshmallows and preferred to just eat her plain marshmallows with her graham crackers. Scott, Aaron and I all loved the s'mores and we may have eaten several in one sitting. May or may not.

Keep checking back for the last few days of our vacation!

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