Sunday, April 13, 2014

"Who's Winning, UCF or the Knights?"

Yesterday we went to the UCF Spring Game. It's a really family friendly event and it was the kiddos first football game. We all sported UCF gear, even Scott.

Before we get into the game, I have to share these two photos with you. Scott has been busting his butt and I started busting mine as well. Scott has lost 43.5 pounds and is now rocking a size 42, which he hasn't worn in a long time. Scott's journey has re-inspired me to make better food choices and really kick it into high gear. Yesterday was really the first day that I felt like I had accomplished something.

Check us out!

Okay, back to the football game. When we arrived we hit up the food trucks in the tailgating area. The only downside to the food trucks was that they had HUGE lines. We were in one line for almost an hour and I went ahead and stood in another line that seemed to be moving faster. Boy am I glad I did that. We ate at It's All Greek to Me and Aaron had his first chicken gyro (Jill ate some of the chicken, but mainly the fries).  If you are local and have a chance to stop by that truck, do it. It was SO delicious!

We checked out some of the activities and the kiddos scored a poster (which in case you were wondering, doubles as a sword and within 5 minutes is confiscated by the meanest mommy on the planet). We made it into the stadium a little bit after kick off and the kiddos were hooked. Jill turned into my Mom and started growl-yelling and Aaron was yelling "third down" every time he heard the bells. It was pretty amazing.

The funniest thing during the whole game was trying to explain a spring game to the kiddos. They kept asking who was winning and at one point Jill tried to boo the other team. I had to keep reminding them that it is the same team.

After the game we came home and played some front yard football. I think it's safe to say we are all ready for college football season to start again. Let's go Knights! #ChargeOn

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