Saturday, April 12, 2014

What My Family Ate For Dinner - Week 6

It was a crazy week, again, but we tried out a few new recipes and had a few of our favorites. Here's what my family ate for dinner this week...

Sunday, April 6: Turkey Burger Casserole made its way back into the rotation. This is one of our most favorite recipes. I paired it with some fresh asparagus to give us an extra green veggie with dinner.

Monday, April 7: I found this recipe for pork tenderloin cooked in BBQ sauce and diet root beer on Skinny Mom and I can safely say it is definitely staying in the rotation. I also cut this recipe in half, there is no way we would eat 4lbs of pork tenderloin.

Instead of using a hamburger bun, we opted for the sandwich thins. I think we are going to start doing that for anything bun related. I'm going to try it with turkey burgers this week, I'll let you know how that works out for us.
The whole meal, with veggies, was under 300 calories for a serving. Boom.

Tuesday, April 8: I made another favorite of ours, white bean chicken chili. This recipe makes a ton and it is so filling. It heats up really well for leftovers, too.

Wednesday, April 9: We had leftovers because of parent-teacher conferences. I have found that we almost always have a leftover night now, which is a good problem to have.

Thursday, April 10: I found this yummy recipe on Pinterest and it's great because it's a one pot recipe. It also has quinoa, which is my new favorite, even though I'm convinced I have it in my teeth after every meal.

This Mexican Quinoa Bowl pairs great with a dollop of light sour cream, some reduced fat cheddar or Mexican cheese and a few tortilla chips.

This also warmed up really well the next day for leftovers.

Friday, April 11: Another Skinny Mom recipe! This Creamy Tortellini with Veggies was SOOOO delicious and filling!

My biggest change to this recipe would be to add some fresh cracked black pepper. It definitely needed some.

I hope you're enjoying all of these recipes! You know we are :)

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