Saturday, June 28, 2014

And then we run.

Friday night after the kiddos are finally asleep, Scott and I usually plan out our weekend (planning is in my nature, what can I say?).  After talking for a few minutes Scott asked, "Did you ever think our weekend plans would include both of us going on runs?" Um, no.

Seriously, before the kiddos came our weekends were spent sleeping in and either seeing a movie, mini golfing or whatever other adventure we could cook up. In the summer, it was days spent in the pool soaking up the Florida sun.

Once the kiddos came the weekends were spent napping when they did and trying to not pull all of our hair out. We still did a lot of fun adventures, but they were not as spontaneous as before. They also included the amount of baggage you would take on a weekend getaway.

Now our weekends include waking up around the same time we get up for work, lacing up our running shoes and pounding the pavement. Never did I think this would be us, but I love it.

It's amazing how much changes over the years. I cannot wait to cross the finish line with Scott during his first half marathon. When you finish a half the feeling of pride you have is undeniable, but watching someone you love cross for the first time is beyond that.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have peanut butter protein balls to make. (Yes, I am now that person.)

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