Monday, July 14, 2014

Cool Summer Weekends

Is it just me or are the weekends getting shorter? Seriously, they just fly by faster and faster.
Friday night, Scott and I headed out to pick up our race packets, new running shoes for me and then dinner. It was a much welcomed date night. 

We had our second race in the summer series on Saturday, so it was an early (and slightly humid) morning. I broke in my new shoes on the course and loved every minute of it. I finished the course in 35:58 and Scott was not far behind me at 39:19. 

I cannot even fully express how proud of Scott I am. He set his mind to this fitness journey back in January and is just killing it on the course. He said at one point he was coming over a hill and saw me in the distance and was trying to will me into a walk break so he could pass me.

 I know the day is coming soon when he will be running right next to me and then in front of me. I am so looking forward to the day we cross side by side. 

We each were able to take the kiddos on a lunch date and then spent a good chunk of the afternoon in the pool. It was the perfect ending to a pretty awesome day.

Sunday, Jillian had the bright idea to go to Disney. Originally, she wanted to go to Magic Kingdom, but I was definitely not in the mood for the crowds, so we agreed upon Hollywood Studios. I had completely forgotten about the Frozen Summer party that they had going on. It was perfect.

We were able to see the parade with all of the characters and then we headed over to Wandering Oakens Trading Post to check out the ice skating. 

The kiddos loved all of the Frozen activities! I have to admit, we did, too. We even indulged in an Olaf cupcake.

We spent a good chunk of our day there and as soon as the weather alert went off on Scott's phone (perk of having an EM as a husband), we booked it out of there. 

I'm wishing we had another day to just relax, but it was an awesome weekend. I'm already looking forward to the upcoming weekend :)

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