Monday, July 7, 2014

What My Family Eats - For Breakfast

During the week we either grab breakfast as we are running out the door or take something to heat up at the office. The kiddos eat at their daycare and I'm pretty impressed with their menu. They make sure there is a fruit and fairly healthy option for the kids. 

So what do Scott and I eat?
  • Waffles with peanut butter. Don't knock it until you try it! Now, I know frozen waffles are not the best option, but they work. I prefer to eat the Van's Power Protein Waffles, but since they haven't been BOGO in a while, I'll settle for some homestyle.This is an easy breakfast for me to make while I'm doing Jill's hair in the morning.
  • Oatmeal. I usually make oatmeal in the slow cooker and then heat it up at the office. I haven't made any in a while, mainly since it has been a million degrees outside. My favorite is this apple oatmeal, but I also love this banana nut oatmeal. I top both of these with some brown sugar and raisins (for the apple) or blueberries (for the banana).
  • Scott normally has grits for breakfast. He's Southern.
  • On the weekends we make scrambled eggs (or egg beaters) with a little bit of cheese, some fruit and wheat toast. 
  • On weekends we sometimes make pancakes with turkey bacon (nom nom nom).
  • If there's a long run thrown in the mix, breakfast is usually a protein shake (with a scoop of PB2 in it).
  • Another favorite around here is greek yogurt with some granola and fruit on the side. 
I'll be adding our snacks this week, too. Stay tuned!

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