Sunday, July 27, 2014

Where Have We Been? Disney, of course!

To say we have been busy the last week would be an understatement. Why have we been busy? Well, for starters, these two crazy kids are here:

It's awesome having my folks in town and I've been able to take some time off to spend it with them. Last Saturday us ladies went to the afternoon tea at the Grand Floridian. None of us had been and I couldn't wait to make some memories. 

The tea was wonderful! They even brought out a small tea pot for Jillian. I hope to make this a tradition for us ladies. 

That night we went to Maggiano's to celebrate my new job. 

Aaron decided to have family style with us and ate until he almost burst. 

My parents checked in to their Disney hotel on Tuesday and my brother Kevin and his family joined them. We all met up on Thursday at EPCOT and had a beyond delicious lunch at Via Napoli. 

I promise my nephew smiles, just not in photos. I guess the same could be said about my Dad. Hmmm....

The next day we started our morning at Chef Mickey's. Now, let me tell you what happened and how much my life has changed in the 6 years since I have had these kiddos. I was walking back from the buffet, plate in hand, and the child in front of me blew chunks everywhere. I sidestepped the mess and my first thought was, "Oh crap, I didn't grab any eggs..."

Aside from that display, the breakfast was awesome and the kiddos were able to see all of the characters. 

We headed out to Animal Kingdom after breakfast and I was able to snag this photo on the way to the buses:

Animal Kingdom was fun. We headed back before the storms hit and then headed out to dinner with my cousin Mike and his son. While we were waiting for them, my niece and nephew were hanging with Jill. My nephew was busy teaching Jill how to spit over the railing. Memories, people, memories. 

The next day we all headed out to Hollywood Studios. I'm not totally sure what my most favorite part of the day was, lunch at Sci Fi, riding Tower of Terror with my Mom and niece, riding Tower of Terror with my nephew, niece and cousin or the moment we found my Dad sitting on a bench at the front of the park because, you know, we would have to walk by at some point. 

The kiddos spent the night at the hotel with their grandparents and all I know is they stayed up later than Scott and I. 

We all met up for breakfast this morning at Kona Cafe and then spent the day poolside. We ended it on a pontoon cruising the lakes. 

The visit has been awesome and unfortunately, really fast! Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to catch up on some sleep. 

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