Sunday, September 14, 2014

"What do you mean the ride is closed?!"

We had another busy week and weekend. Scott and I finished our summer running series this weekend and Michelle joined us.

Scott ran with me and it's been a few weeks since he ran. Friday night I asked him what his goal time was and he said he wanted to beat his previous time of 38:38, so that was what I worked with. I may have pushed him at points and he may have cursed me in his mind a few times, but we beat the time by a few seconds. He was even smiling at the end, see.

Michelle came in a few seconds behind us and I like to think that she was mentally thanking me for taking her on the course a few weeks before. That course was no joke. The first mile had four hills in it with the final hill being more of a mountain.

Oh, and take a look at my bib number. Not that I'm superstitious or anything, but uh...yeah I was a little nervous about that running with that number.

After the morning run and all of the normal Saturday errands, we went to Magic Kingdom for the afternoon/evening. I rewarded all of my hard half-marathon training with the most delicious strawberry shortcake sundae I have
ever laid eyes on. I would like to personally thank the person in front of us who ordered it because it encouraged me to follow suit. Seriously, look at that mound of deliciousness!

We were able to score some Fastpasses and go on a few rides without really having to wait. I would like to point out that one of the rides we walked right on to was Carousel of Progress at the kiddos request. Only my 6-year-olds would want to go on that ride.

We also took a ride on the other carousel. The funniest thing of the day happened while we were waiting in line for the ride. Jill mentioned that she wanted to go on the Snow White ride, so I asked if she meant the mine train and she said no, the Snow White ride. She then pointed to where the ride used to be like 2 years ago. I told her it wasn't there anymore and she said, "What do you mean it's not there anymore?!" I told her it was a princess meet and greet now. "I don't want to see any princesses! I want to ride Snow White!" I'm still trying to figure out where she has been for the last 2 years.

But, speaking of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train...the line said 70 minutes almost every time that we went past it. We finally bit the bullet (after a mandatory potty break, because Lord knows I was not getting out of that line for anything) and jumped in line. We were in like for maybe 10 minutes before Jill had a "stomachache" and couldn't ride. The moment she stepped out of line with Scott she wanted to go on another ride. I think it was straight nerves. Aaron and I toughed out the line (only 50 minutes) and had a total blast. He was nervous when we got in the car and then literally screamed from the moment we took off to the moment we were back in the loading area. He even went on it again with Scott (who scored a handy dandy rider switch pass).

After the mine train, we all walked on to the speedway. Aaron chauffeured me and Scott took Jill around the track. Thankfully, I am not suffering from whiplash.

We managed to sneak out after the parade and before the fireworks, so it was a minimal wait to get home. We could not have planned that any better.

I'm loving these moments of fun during the hustle and bustle of daily life. We are definitely lucky and I am beyond thankful.

I hope you had a wonderful fun-filled weekend, too!

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