Sunday, October 5, 2014

What Haven't We Done?

It's been a busy few weeks and I finally have a minute to sit down and write about it, so grab your cup of coffee (or if you're reading this at night, your glass of wine) and hunker down.

Last week we joined Aaron's Cub Scout pack at Animal Kingdom Lodge for an outing. That is a definite perk to living so close to Disney. And can we talk about how handsome he looks in his Cub Scout uniform for a second? Ugh! Melts my heart!

Anyway, the outing was a whole family event and we were able to learn about the art in the lobby. Did you know, Animal Kingdom Lodge has one of the largest collections of African art outside of Africa? I didn't realize how much art work was in the lobby until we actually walked around to look at some of it.

After the art we went outside and met with Justice from Botswana. He taught the kids 10 words from his native language. I have to say, looking at the sheet of paper I was convinced they just threw letters on a page. The kids all did great guessing what each phrase meant and they were able to use some of the words when they played a game that was native to Botswana.

After the games we went down to the savanna and looked for some of the animals. Now, it was pretty dark by this point and they only had one or two pairs of night vision goggles. We will be going back to check this out.

That whole outing was pretty cool and it was great to meet some of the parents. I'm definitely looking forward to more of the outings and I know Aaron is just beyond excited for them.

Aaron has also been playing baseball...well, that is when it's not pouring down rain. His first game was supposed to be on Monday and was rained out. So was his practice. He was able to play on Friday and did amazing!

Aaron went to bat three times and singled all three times. Look at that face! That is one excited kiddo!

Unfortunately, I missed the game. Why did I miss the game? Well, Jill decided that after school she would play on the playground in just her socks. Can you guess where this story is going? Needless to say she slipped and landed right on her arm.

When we went to pick her up they told us she probably just bruised it, but I wasn't so sure. She had a bump and her fingernails had a purple tinge to them. So we dropped Aaron and Scott at the fields and headed to the ER. Ahhh ER's on a Friday night, nothing better than that.

We waited for an hour and half and she told me she felt fine and that it didn't hurt. I figured we were
fine and went to check us out, but the receptionist persuaded us to stay and put us on the fast track (which begs the question, why were we not on there in the first place?).  We went back within minutes and the nurse and I were convinced it was not broken.

X-rays were taken and we waited some more. When the physician assistant came in I was confident I was about to pay $200 for an X-ray and go on my merry little way. Not so much. She definitely has a fracture, a buckle fracture to be specific. Apparently these are fairly common with kids her age and she will heal up just fine.

They put her in a soft cast and a sling until we see an orthopedic doctor. At least we made it 6 years and 5 months before needed any kind of cast. She's out of commission as far as PE and other sporting activities for 3 weeks. Good thing we didn't sign her up for softball this fall!

After all of that excitement we were all set for another day at the ball field on Saturday, but the rain from the night before caused them to cancel, again. Hopefully I will be able to see him play at some point this fall.

That's all of the excitement over here (thankfully!).  Scott and I have some races coming up, so we are in full on training mode.

I hope all is well with you in your neck of the woods and if you're up north, stay warm!

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