Saturday, October 18, 2014

What We've Been Up To

It has been a crazy few weeks (I feel like this is how I start all of my blog posts lately). I had an event at work last weekend and was able to take Monday off, so Scott and I headed out to Food and Wine.

It was a gorgeous day out and was not crowded, which was a definite bonus. We had a lot of our favorites and found some new ones. I think my favorite was the pulled pork from Hawaii and the tostones from Puerto Rico.

After a fun-filled, kid-free day at the park, we headed out for Aaron's baseball game. He's really loving the game and we are loving watching him on the field. Wednesday he was able to play catcher. I think this is his new favorite position. Scott actually spent some time this weekend practicing that position and unfortunately had to work the night he played that position.

He has no fear behind that plate, he never moved when the ball came at him. I mean seriously, how cute is he?!

Today Scott and I ran our first 15k race. This is the longest distance Scott has ever done and he did amazing! I on the other hand, have been battling a head cold all week and hit my wall at the 10k mark. It was everything I could do to finish. I had snot draining down my throat into my stomach, it was disgusting.

We finished in 2:14ish which in the grand scheme of things was not bad. I was not a huge fan of this race (not just because of the whole sick thing), but also because of the late start. We didn't start until 10:30 and it was while 3 other races were going on. The signage was pretty rough on the course, too. We totally missed the turnaround (which was supposed to be at 1.2 miles) and finally turned around at mile 2 (where the marathon/half marathon runners were turning around).

We spent the rest of the race just watching our Garmins trying to figure out where we had to turn around.  I am so proud of Scott though, he did amazing!

I hope all of you are doing amazingly well!

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