Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Boo to You

Halloween definitely snuck up me this year. Jillian originally wanted to be Elsa, you know like every other little girl in the world, but because of her cast (and not knowing if it would off in time) we settled on Anna. Aaron wanted to be "an Army guy." Daddy supplied the artillery that I may hide.

Scott and I also dressed up, too. Scott went the easy route and put on his umpire gear. I dressed up as Holly Golightly and nobody got it. Sigh...

A lot of the houses in our neighborhood seemed to be anti-Halloween this year. We walked the entire neighborhood and I'm pretty sure only a quarter of the neighborhood handed out candy. The kiddos had a great time though and I'm secretly happy we didn't end up with a ton of candy. I mean, a girl can only eat so many Butterfingers.

I hope you had a great Halloween and loaded up on your favorite candy!

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