Sunday, December 21, 2014

The week with a series of unfortunate events...

No, the title is not overly dramatic, it's fairly accurate. This week sucked and it sucked big time.

Scott left for a conference in Clearwater on Sunday night. Before he was even out the door I knew something would go wrong. How did I know? Well, let's just say anytime one of us goes out of town all hell breaks loose. That time I went to DC? Jillian had strep within hours of my departure. That time Scott went to Tallahassee? Aaron wound up in the emergency room. I knew this time would be no different.

On Monday I had just sat down at my desk, ready to dive in to my leftover homemade pizza and my cell phone started to ring. I knew the number. I knew who would be on the other end. The school nurse told me Aaron had broken out in hives and needed to be picked up. Awesome.

So I make it to the school in record time and here comes Aaron with...a rash? Definitely not hives. I mentioned this and then remembered that this is the same nurse that argued with me that my children are epileptic (they had febrile seizures) and just left it at that.

I called the pediatrician and they literally told me tough luck, go to urgent care. The one urgent care we normally go to did not have any availability, so we had to go to another one. They told me he had fifths disease. I gave them my "oh, mmmhmmm" face and went on my merry way. I had fifths disease as a child and I knew this wasn't it, but okay.

Tuesday came along and Aaron was off to stay with Mimi for the day, Jill went to school and I went to our staff breakfast. Have I ever mentioned on here that I have an almond intolerance? Well, I do and it's not fun. Unlike an allergy, symptoms don't start to show until a few hours later. So again I am sitting at my desk for lunch and I'm not feeling that great. I walked over by my boss and asked if anything besides the almond croissants had almond in it. She didn't think so and told me to go home (apparently I didn't look so good). Then it hit me...all the croissants were cut with the same knife. I went home, threw up, slept for an hour and was back to my old self.

Thank you, Ryan Seacrest, for making me feel better about myself.
I should also mention that during this time Centurylink was digging up our front yard and we lost internet. We wouldn't get that back until Saturday (hence no Thanksgiving Thursday this week).

Scott finally made it home on Tuesday night and all was right in the world, until I woke up the next morning. My eye had that familiar crusty feeling. I had pink eye...again. I had pink eye and no internet, which meant no Netflix, which also meant no Breaking Bad. Sigh...

I could not stay home another day, so Thursday I made my way into work early to make up some time. I wasn't even in the office a half hour and the phone rang. It was the nurse, Jill had a fever and needed to be picked up. PawPaw came to the rescue and then Scott took her to the doctor. I knew the diagnosis before she even went in. She had strep. Scott then made an appointment for Aaron because I was fairly certain he had it too. Of course he did.

As if having two kids with strep wasn't enough, Jill woke up on Friday with pink both eyes. Oh.My.God. I wanted to just burst into tears. The poor girl was miserable all night and was still spiking fevers, Aaron wasn't eating because his throat was so sore and I was hanging on by a thread.

Thank God Michelle wanted to run with me on Saturday morning. Those five miles were exactly what I needed. I even ran up the hill by her house (by hill, I mean mini mountain) because I knew I needed to boost myself somehow.

Saturday was a better day. Our internet was back, fevers broke and children slept for more than twelve hours each.

I'm hoping we are over whatever this is and I'm hoping I have used enough Lysol to kill the pink eye beast. I know for a fact I've done enough laundry.

Here's hoping the week of Christmas is a better one.

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