Tuesday, December 30, 2014

It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Grinchmas....

I'm going to admit it, Christmas was very forced this year. I didn't have my usual cheer when putting up the decorations (which I cannot wait to take down). I listened to Christmas music because, well, it was on. I didn't even cry when they sang "O Come All Ye Faithful" at Christmas mass. I don't know what put me in the funk (I have a sneaky suspicion it had to do with the plague that covered our house), but I'm glad to finally be out of it.

I was lucky enough to have the week of Christmas off from work, so we spent one of the days making our cookies. The kiddos love doing this every year, and just because I wasn't holly and jolly didn't mean I was going to spoil it for them. God love 'em, but they cake those cookies in icing. I have to fight to have a few plain ones left so I do not go into sugar shock.

Scott wasn't able to spend Christmas Eve with us because of work (a fancy new promotion warrants that!), so the kiddos and I made the most of it. We went to children's mass at our church and then came home and opened our Christmas jammies. I let them stay up a little late to watch Christmas movies and drink hot cocoa (well, Aaron drank hot cocoa). While it was not the ideal Christmas Eve since Scott wasn't there, it was still nice and low key, which is perfect for us.

I would like to point out in the photo that the kiddos picked out the most sugar covered cookies they could find. Santa told me it was pretty rough.

Christmas morning wasn't even that big of a deal over here, which was strange, since normally they are up at the crack of dawn. They were very happy with what Santa brought them though and I think Jillian was in a state of shock most of the morning. Ever since that flippin' American Girl catalog landed in our mailbox she has been talking about Isabelle. Santa surprised her and made her Christmas wish come true. It took her until the afternoon to finally come to grips with the fact that they doll was hers.

Aaron was in Lego heaven and scored five different sets. Yes, five. We are still putting them together and he couldn't be happier.

They also scored a ton of games which we have been playing nonstop. For the record, Jillian is a shark when it comes to Monopoly. I have never been beaten so bad at that game. It was almost embarrassing.

We really laid low on Christmas day. Scott had to work and his parents are feeling under the weather, so we just had an early lunch and played with all of our new toys. Honestly, I think with my Grinch-like mood this year, it was for the best.

I hope you had a wonderful holiday (much more joyous than mine!)! I'll be posting more of our adventures soon!

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