Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Something I have always wanted to do with the kiddos is take them to see the Nutcracker, or as Jillian calls is, Crackernut.

The Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts recently opened and they were having a family showing of the Nutcracker. The family show is only an hour long and everything is catered towards the children. The family show was the perfect one to take the kiddos to. I really do not think they would have made it for the two hour show.

 Prior to the start of the show they had face painting, coloring and storytelling stations set up for the kids to check out. They also had some of the ballerinas out in the lobby to take photos with the kids. Naturally, both of mine shied away.

The kiddos loved the idea of going downtown for the afternoon and doing something special. Both of them loved the show and poured over the program the entire car ride home. They enjoyed it so much that they have already asked if we can go to the next family ballet, The Swan Princess. I cannot wait to continue this tradition with them!

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