Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Seasons 52 5.2K

Last year when Scott started his weight loss journey he wanted to run a 5k. He picked the Seasons 52 5.2k because, why not? Last year he came in just over 50 minutes. This year he came in just over 40 minutes and looked a lot leaner and a lot stronger.

Seriously, look at the difference!

The race itself was pretty good. The weather was less than desirable. It rained up until 10 minutes before the race started and since sections of the race are on brick roads it made for a slower time.

I hung with Scott for the first two miles and knew I wanted to break away before the end so I could snap a photo of him crossing. Right after the marker for mile two, Scott gave me the nod and I flew down the road.

I am so proud of how far he had come and cannot wait to show another side by side of him next year!

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