Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Staycation Vacation Part 1

Last year we were lucky enough to sneak away to the Smokey Mountain for a great Spring Break vacation. This year our schedules just didn't allow us to take an entire week off, so we decided to do a staycation at Disney.

We decided to stay at All Star Movies, mainly because Scott was able to score a pretty sweet deal on the room. We stayed in the Toy Story section and the kiddos loved it. We were right by the main entrance, so it made everything a breeze. The food court there is actually pretty good as well, which surprised me. When we stayed at Pop Century for Princess weekend our biggest complaint was the food court and lack of healthy options. However, All Star was kind of the opposite. I was able to nosh on some delicious chicken sausage, oatmeal and if I wanted, I could have had an egg white omelette. Booyah!

Scott still had to work the morning of our first day, so the kiddos and I headed out to the Studios on our own. We made it there for park opening which meant we were actually able to ride Toy Story Mania! We also went to the Little Mermaid show, which is Jillian's favorite, and then headed over to Indiana Jones (which is their favorite show). Jillian picked out our seats, which were one row from the stage.

We still had some time to kill before Scott arrived, so we headed over to the Animation Courtyard and jumped in line to meet Baymax and Hiro from Big Hero 6. It was the one thing Aaron really wanted to do, so I was perfectly fine with standing in line.

By the time we finished at Animation Courtyard, Scott arrived and we headed to lunch. This was one of the things we really wanted to treat ourselves to on this staycation. We wanted to eat at the restaurants and really play the part of the tourist. The kiddos have been asking to go back to Sci Fi since the summer when we went with my family, so it was easy to decide which restaurant we would visit. I think the main appeal of Sci Fi for the kiddos is the fact that they get to watch a movie while sitting in a car. I think if it was actual tables they wouldn't be as excited.

By the time we finished lunch we could tell the storms were brewing. The wind picked up significantly and the sky was starting to turn black, not gray, black. So we decided to head out and go back to the
hotel until the storm blew over.

The storm never really blew over, it just slowed down a little, so instead of a downpour, it was more of a constant misting. We decided to tough it out and head to Downtown. The kiddos had some allowance money they were itching to spend.

After some shopping, we sat down at watched on of the choral groups perform. The group that was performing actually had a contestant from American Idol in their group. Please don't ask me her name, but I think they said she was in season 13. I will say the girl was phenomenal and I'm glad we stopped to watch the group.

That's it for day one. I'll post more in the next couple of days. I hope you all are enjoying (or enjoyed!) your Spring Break!

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