Tuesday, March 24, 2015

"That is NOT appropriate!" and other observations...

Saturday night we went to the Orlando Solar Bears game. It was Scout night and also the kiddos first hockey game. All of the scouts that came in uniform received a magnet and a special patch.

We had pretty decent seats 11 rows above the ice. The kiddos were excited and had no idea what to expect. Their eyes were fixed on the ice from the moment warm ups started.

Aaron naturally thought every time a player bounced another player off the boards it was awesome. Jillian on the other hand thought it was inappropriate. She also became quite the hockey fan.

When the other team scored the first goal of the game she yelled out that she hated them and cuddled her new teddy bear.

When the Solar Bears scored their first goal she threw her arms up and roared "YASSSSS!" It was like sitting next to my mother.

The game itself was pretty action packed. A couple of pucks flew into the crowd (thankfully on the other side of the ice from us) and a woman actually was hit in the head and knocked out. I should note that it was also First Responders night and there were plenty of people helping her. There was even a pretty awesome fight. Scott and the kids were getting ice cream and were able to watch it on the screens, but it was literally right in front of our seats. Helmets came off and there were several right hooks thrown. It was ah-mazing.

The kids loved the game and Scott and I had a great time, too. It was a night of firsts for all of us and we cannot wait to go back!

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