Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Winter Park Road Race

One of my favorite post Princess weekend races is the Winter Park Road Race. They have both a 2 mile race and a 10k, or you can be crazy like us and run both.

The race goes through the beautiful neighborhoods in downtown Winter Park and along the lake front. It also starts before the sun comes up, which on some of the brick roads is a little bit like testing fate. Scott and I did see one person go down, but I can't remember if it was during the 10k portion or the 2 miler.

This was Scott's second time running this week and last year it was his longest distance. He has tackled longer races since then, but his training hasn't been as spot on this year. He killed it though and shaved 6 minutes off of his total time. I also shaved some serious time off my race. I think it was around 15 minutes.

I am so grateful that I have a partner in running and someone that gets it. I'm also grateful for our post run breakfasts...especially the part where he shares his turkey bacon with me. That's love people.

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C Sloan said...

Woah, that is love! Bacon is a prized possession :)

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