Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Pre-Anniversary Reflections

I'm having a hard time wrapping my mind around the fact that tomorrow Scott and I will be married for 9 years. It cannot possibly be that long. I honestly feel like I just met him.

I've spent the last few days reflecting back on our years together. I still remember the moment I met him. I was on the college program at Disney and he was the training manager for Main Street. I remember him sitting on a container outside of costuming waiting for all of us to finishing trying on our costumes.

I remember one of our most romantic moments, and we weren't even dating at the time. The park was closing and there was only one family left in the whole park. Scott was the manager on duty, so he was going to walk the last family out. He asked if I wanted to join him. Naturally, I said yes. We waited underneath the castle just talking about nonsense. It was, dare I say, magical. We were literally the only people there. It was perfect...well until he had to leave for a call and I had to walk the family out with an older security officer.

We've had a crazy time for the past decade or so. We've had our share of hard times, happy times and oh my God what are we doing times. I cannot imagine any other person I would want to share this journey with.

Happy day before our 9th anniversary, Scott!

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