Sunday, May 17, 2015

We've been really...

We've been busy and it's finally starting to slow down (God bless the end of the school year!).

Let's see... My sister sent me this awesome package for marathon training...

By the way, I'm training for a marathon. I may have forgotten to mention that at some point.

We completed another 5k as a family.

My office had a 5k for our foundations and we all ran the race, just not necessarily together. My friend Chelsie was there (she is now Aunt Chelsie to the kids) and she ran with Jill. Scott ran on his own and Aaron and I brought up the rear. Aaron took off like a bat out of hell at the beginning, so that last 1.5 mile was pretty rough.

We finished another season of baseball.

Aaron did so well this season and I cannot wait to see what happens in the fall.

We've done a whole lot more, but I'll be honest, it's all blurring together. I hope you are doing just as well as we are!

1 comment:

Chelsie Sloan said...

AUNT CHELSIE :) Miss those kiddos!!

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