Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Cool Summer Running Series - Race 1: Welcome to the Jungle

Scott and I love the summer series from Sommer Sports and have made it our annual tradition. The first race was on Saturday and it was jungle themed.

Look how cute we were before the race (you know, before we got all sweaty). They changed the course this year and it's nice and flat, no more crazy hills. 

My sock slipped around the half mile mark which meant that I went the remainder of the race with the back of my shoe rubbing my ankle. It sucked, but I still came in around my normal time, so that part didn't suck.

Scott came in around his normal time (42 minutesish) and finished strong. 

After the race, we kept up our normal KeKe's post race breakfast tradition. I love these mornings together and cannot wait to finish the other three races. 

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