Sunday, October 25, 2015

Thirteen Point Freakin' One

Today was the Lake Nona Half Marathon. Michelle and I ran this last year, Scott unfortunately had something come up at work and had to miss it. This year, he joined us. This was Scott's first half marathon...ever.

I knew Nona would be a great first half marathon course for him. It is relatively flat with only one hill. If you want a big PR this is the race to run.

I hung with the 2:45 pacers until mile 12.5 when they looked at me and said "Go!!!!" I was the only one that hung with them the entire race and they knew I was already going to PR but also knew I could shave another 3 minutes off. So I took off and came in at 2:42:28. Last year at Nona I came in at 2:58. I came in at 2:55 at Princess. That is insane. 

13 minute PR, you bet I'm ringing the bell!

Michelle was not too far behind me. Then we waited for Scott. I saw him when I was around mile 11 and he was at 8. He was looking good, but tired. I knew he would finish and I knew it would be all the feels. 
I spotted him coming, ran over to the medals and waited. He was walking and he looked done, but then he jogged the last stretch. 

Jogging across the finish!

I was so incredibly proud in this moment. He has come so far and to accomplish this was just everything. I knew he would be emotional and I tried not to be, which was hard when I gave him his first half marathon medal. 

Scott has medaled me at the last few Princess races, so it was nice to be able to return the favor. Of course he kept moving after this because he had one thing in his sites...

I am so proud of this man. I really cannot put into words just how proud I am. I look forward to more races with him and more pictures of him ringing the PR bell!

You conquered 13.1 babe!

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Chelsie Sloan said...

Awesome job to you both!!! That is fantastic :)

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