Sunday, November 1, 2015

Review: Curious Chef

I think it has been pretty well documented that I have a little chef on my hands. Our big hold up though was that we could not find a knife for him to use. Enter, Curious Chef! Everything at Curious Chef is made for kids 4 and older. They have pretty much everything you could ever want for your little chef. 

We were able to review the medium nylon plastic knife and the 4 piece Halloween cookie cutters. I have completely failed with taking photos of Aaron and his knife. I only scored this blurry photo for the time being. 
Chopping some apples for cinnamon apple french toast

However, I did snag some of Miss Jill and I while we made cookies for Halloween. The girl loves her sugar cookies (with lots of icing and sprinkles, naturally). I also used the cookie cutters for sandwiches leading up to Halloween. 

Her favorite of the four cookie cutters

The products are really durable and super safe for the kids. I will admit, I was still leery with the knife, because,'s a knife. But, I think it is a great and safe way for Aaron to learn some basic knife skills. Plus, he can help me more in the kitchen! He has already chopped some zucchini, peppers, mushrooms and carrots for me. He's becoming quick the prep chef :) 

Our finished product.

As I mentioned, there are a ton of items on the Curious Chef website that can fit a wide variety of needs and are super affordable! Their 30 piece caddy collection that has virtually everything your little chef will need to begin cooking is only $79.99. Believe me, I'm eyeing that up because it has everything I will need for him to help me make Thanksgiving dinner for 12. 

If your kiddos are curious in the kitchen, check out the Curious Chef website. 

Disclaimer: I received these products as a review. The opinions are my own and were in no way influenced by Curious Chef. 

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