Sunday, September 18, 2016

The Weekend of Two Races

I had a very ambitious weekend. I had the final race of the Lace it Up Series on Saturday and thankfully the clouds stayed and my MRTT friends kept me going. This race was a 10k in pretty much zero shade with a ton of hills (according to my FitBit, I climbed 29 flights of stairs).

The sun stayed away until right before the 6 mile mark. I'll be honest, if the sun was out the entire time we would not have finished as quickly as we did (1:19). The best part of this race series? Ice cold sponges! Yes! They hand out sponges at the turnaround and right before we hit mile 5. They are like gifts from the running gods. 

Another favorite from this race? I saw a police office run across the finish line with a fellow racer. We saw him several times on the course and he was a huge encourager along the route. To see him run in full gear to encourage a runner was awesome. 

Speaking of the finish line, I hardly ever have a photo unless it is from the race photographer, so I was beyond excited to see a fellow MRTTer standing at the finish line with her phone out.

How great is that?!

So after the race (and maybe a buttered biscuit from Chick Fil A... I mean, they were at the finish line), I had to take my little miss to switch out her running shoes, caught the second half of my dudes basketball game and then we were off to the races again, literally.

Yes. I ran two races in one day. The second race was a fundraiser for our police chief who is running for sheriff. 

My miss backed out the race at the last minute (it was realllllly hot) and decided to volunteer instead, so the dude and I ran. It was really nice, I've had a ton of one on one time with my little lady and hardly any one on one time with him. Considering he had two basketball games that day, he did amazing. We finished in 40:19.

It should also be mentioned that he asked me to stop running and then sprinted ahead of me. Yeah.

I didn't stop there. Today was all about strength and the official start of Goofy training. This was the first weekend with an additional walk added to the run.

Sh*t just got real y'all.

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