Monday, December 8, 2008

Murphy's Law?

So I did attempt to get some things together today but of course when you are trying to get a million things done your children will have "one of those days". Jill napped long enough for me to shower, and that's the only nap she took, seriously. Aaron was fine in the morning, but once the afternoon hit....yeah....So I'm still doing laundry, haven't even pulled out the suitcases yet, but have made a list of what is going in them (yes, I am one of those people). I did get the inside of my house decorated though, even though that helps me in no way right now.
The new stroller came today, I'm very excited! We got a Joovy Groove to use at the airport and then whenever else we need it. It'll be nice to push something that doesn't weigh 50lbs by itself. Still trying to figure out how we're going to push that, carry our carry-ons and two car seats through Orlando International with two 7 month olds. Yeah, any suggestions are welcome on that one. Supposedly they have a separate "family" line at security which will be nice, I think?
Well, I should go and pack or something like it, maybe I'll just pull out the suitcases? Hope all is well with you!

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