Saturday, January 31, 2009

The fun has just begun

We really didn't do too much yesterday. It was pretty rainy/gloomy in the morning and was only in the 50's, which is pretty much a shock since it was 85 the other day. The only benefit to gloomy weather is it makes the kids nap longer, yet they still know when I'm about to eat, interesting how that works. Aaron was standing up again yesterday and balancing on Scott. I think he may just skip the whole crawling thing and go straight to walking. I should probably finish baby proofing, huh? Jill is getting faster and faster with her crawling and has tried standing straight up a couple of times. I am so not ready for this! What happened to my 5 and 6 pound munchkins that I just brought home?! They are both starting to get the hang of "no". Jill though, is a stinker, and will look at you and go "Hmm?" and then smile. It's going to be hard to say "no" to her I think. Aaron laughs when you say "no", he's another stinker. My Dad thinks it's great though, he always told me I'd get at least one just like me, in this case though I got one like me, and one like my brother Art! I'm not saying Scott was an angel, trust me I've heard the stories, he was just like my brother Art. The fun is just beginning.... Hope you have a great day!


Melissa said...

I'm so excited to meet them on the 4th. Her and I have been trying to set something up for a while but the timing has always been off. They are such cuties..and so are yours:)

Nicole O'Dell said...

They are so cute!

We have that mirror/singing toy too! I'm so glad to see that it will be enjoyed!

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