Saturday, January 24, 2009

Healthy Mom and Baby...I mean Babies :)

We went to the Healthy Mom and Baby event at Whole Foods today with Lani, Lily, Ben and Cameron. It was neat, they had a few tables set up in the back with all the organic items that they carry for babies. Plus, we got a goodie bag from Whole Foods! After that we walked around the Sand Lake farmers market. It was ok, I like the one in Celebration better, there is more of a selection. We're heading that way tomorrow morning with Lani and April. I'm really trying to do more organic and eco-friendly purchasing this year, it's my big new years resolution. I've gotten a lot of tips from Sara Snow's website ( If you watch Jon and Kate Plus 8 she was on an episode. When you really look at things and see just how much stuff is put into the food you eat you would definitely go organic, or at least local. That's about it over here, hope all is well with you!

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Melissa said...

We love Whole Foods! We go there to get the boys' cereal..Happy Baby organic brand and the Earth's Best food. Also, when they had reflux we used the homeopathic medicines that they had and it seemed to work. I'll have to check the one in Winter Park and see when they're having that event again. Sounds interesting!

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