Friday, January 23, 2009


I think last week was God's way of testing my patience as a mother, and this week He just really wanted to mess with my mind. I swear, this week has just been bizarre! First off the weather has been just insane. Yeah, I do expect cooler weather in the winter months, obviously, but not to the point that we need to use an ice scraper on the car or wear our Columbia coats. Then, the other night around 2 am I hear "I love you!" and "That's my belly button!". It was the Laugh and Learn puppy in the playroom. Talk about creepy! That thing is getting shut off every night from now on. Then Aaron is just being super slick with everything, he sat up yesterday by himself, but I didn't believe that he did, I thought I was seeing things. Scott confirmed it though, so I haven't totally lost my mind! Then this morning I walk in the playroom after getting some coffee and there's Aaron standing straight up and balancing on the jungle. AH! All I have to say is thank God it's Friday! Hope your Friday goes well!


Lani said...

We have that puppy too and it does the SAME thing- it scares the crap out of me!

Nicole O'Dell said...

It's been like that around here, too. Two nights ago our car started with no key in it at 2am--bright lights and everything!

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