Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday's Farmers Market

We went to the farmers market in Celebration today and met up with Lani and company, April (minus the triplets) and Scott's parents. We even ran into our friends Tracy and her son Chase. You couldn't ask for better weather than today, it was mid 70s and perfect. We bought a lot of fruit and veggies from the local farmer that is certified organic. Lani was telling me that it is better to buy local and organic because overseas they have no standards per say on the use of pesticide. Gross....
We stayed and had lunch at the cafe with Scott's parents. Aaron passed out, after having a wonderful meltdown (don't mess with the boys schedule!) and Jill fell asleep mid bottle, but of course managed to wake up when our food came. It's amazing how they know when you're about to eat.
And the huge accomplishment of the day....drum roll please....I finally pulled all my maternity clothing out of my closet and have it ready to be packed up. WOO! Not that I've worn any of it lately, but you know you just don't want to take it out of the closet, too much work sometimes. But I'm super pumped that it's gone and my closet is all reorganized. Now if I could just fit into more of my old clothes...*sigh* that's a whole different blog.
Jill is starting to understand the concept of "No" and has learned the deep sigh that all children do when they hear it. Awesome...
And in Aaron news...he's a sneaky one. He keeps ending up on the other side of the playard, and I know he's not just scooting over there, it happens way to fast. I have to find an angle to be able to watch him without him being able to see me. Yes, it has to be a covert operation, otherwise he won't do it.
That's about it over here, hope all is well with you!

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