Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

So this morning started off about as weird as it does any morning when Jill has on her two piece pajamas. Scott and I usually take bets on if the pants are still on, or if she is using them as a blanket. Well, we both lost that bet, Jill's pants were on but her arm was completely out of the sleeve and that part of the shirt was around her neck. So, that's how the day started. Yeah...
We went out to the farmer's market again in Celebration. Scott's parents came with us too and I think they really enjoyed it. We went a lot earlier this time and there was a much better selection. Plus we stopped at the little French bakery next to it, and yummy, had a croque monsieur, oh it was so good!
We also met 0ur new pastor today, Father Jean Desir. I think he was a little overwhelmed with all the people. I have a feeling he might remember us though, Aaron took a giant, and I mean giant, poop right as we got there. Of course I didn't take a diaper bag with me because, why would I need that if we only live right down the road and we just changed him? Silly Mommy! And of course, everyone wanted to chat us up and hold the kids, which is great, just not when I have a super smelly one. But he seems like a super nice priest. He's the total opposite of Father Steve, which isn't a bad thing. It'll be interesting to see how everything pans out.
That's about it over here, hope all is well with you!

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