Wednesday, February 11, 2009

And the magic has returned

Jill on the boat heading back to Magic Kingdom
Jill and I waiting to go on the Magic Carpets
Scott and Aaron
On the Magic Carpets
Scott and Aaron on the Magic Carpets
Getting ready to go on the Jungle Cruise
Scott and the kids in front of the wishing fountain
Me and my honey

We went back to Magic Kingdom today for a second try and it went much much MUCH better. Jill took a really good morning nap, so that definitely helped, and the park wasn't as crowded. We actually went on a lot of rides (Pirates, Magic Carpets, Haunted Mansion, TTA, Jungle Cruise). After that we went to Downtown Disney and walked around. Oh! And we saw Bucky Covington (he was on American Idol a few seasons ago, sings country) checking in at the Wilderness Lodge. It was pretty cool. So, that's pretty much it over here. Hope you had a good day!

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