Saturday, February 7, 2009

Count your blessings

DziaDzio trying to get Aaron to walk
I bumped my head
Mmm I think I'll start with the ribs
Aaron and Busia
Jill and I before the safari
Scott and the babies
Jill with Busia and DziaDzio
The big boy standing all by himself

We have a little bit of catching up to do....
My parents landed on Thursday afternoon along with the cold weather. We got to hang out with them Thursday afternoon/night at the Wilderness Lodge. Of course within a half an hour of being there Jill banged her head on the corner on a chair, which left a nice little mark. No blood though, thank God! My Dad has also decided that he will have the kids saying "Mama" and walking by the time he leaves. I seriously fear that he will succeed in both tasks. Not that I don't want the kids to say "Mama", it's just kind of nice that all they say is "Dada". We had dinner at Whispering Canyon which is one of the restaurants at the Lodge. The kids had a pretty good time people watching, it's a pretty loud restaurant too, so when they fussed nobody seemed to notice.
Yesterday was their *sigh* 9 month appointment with Dr. Rivera. I feel like they were just born, and now here we are almost a (gulp) year later. They are both doing really well. Aaron is 23lbs 8oz and 28 inches long, that would be the 90th percentile in case you were wondering. Yes, my son is the size of a toddler. Jillian is 19lbs 12oz and 28 inches long. She's about the 75th percentile on everything. Thankfully there were no shots at this appointment! I hate having to hold them down for the shots, and I can't watch when they do it. Scott is really good with them when they get shots, he can sit and talk them through it, not me, I'm looking the other way trying not to cry. I'm such a mom....
We went to Animal Kingdom yesterday after our doctor's appointment. It wasn't too crowded, which was nice. We only waited maybe 15 minutes for the safari, and all the animals were out. It was one of the best safari's I've ever had there. I actually got to see the lion's face, I was beginning to think he was an animatronic. The giraffes, rhino's, elephants, bongos, ostriches, and antelope were pretty close to the cars too, so we got a ton of good photos. Standing in line though before the ride we struck up a conversation with the family that sat behind us, and it just really reminds me how lucky we are. They were there with their son and daughter, and I believe the wife's parents. Their son was maybe 6 or 7 and autistic. We began talking, and he wanted to play with Jill (so sweet), and the mom mentioned that he was a twin. I have to say, these are the hardest conversations I have. They were born at 24 weeks, only weighing 1lb 8oz each. Obviously, the other son didn't make it, and it was just hard to stand there and look at this woman who went through so much and lost one son. And she was so positive about everything, something I don't know if I could do in that circumstance. It truly made me look back on everything and realize just how lucky, and blessed, we are. It's so easy to get caught up in your own life and think that you have it so bad, and when are things going to look up for me, and then you meet someone who reminds you that you have it so good, and you should count your blessings. Living in the negative only brings more. I hope I can have a positive outlook like her on everything, and find the good in every situation, and I hope you can as well.

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Melissa said...

What a great time at the park!

And I couldn't imagine losing a child. A story like that definitely makes you appreciate your little ones even more.

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