Tuesday, February 17, 2009

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Ever have one of those days where your mind is running a million miles a minute? Welcome to my day! I'm in the midst of starting a new project (details to follow at a later date, sorry) and my mind is racing. I'm at the point of overload and can't complete a single thought, so I apologize if this post is totally incoherent.
Aaron is in full on whine mode, that top tooth is finally starting to push through. I love my son, don't get me wrong, but that whine...makes me want wine. We should be past it in the next few days though.
I've been trying to work with them on signs, we have the Baby Einstein "My first signs" which is pretty cool, but I think I'm also going to try Sign Time. The kids look at me like I'm crazy, and they probably are a little on the young side, but we'll see.
I'm also in the process of baby proofing...yuck. That's all I have to say. I never realized what a death trap my house is. I have outlet covers up, that was the first thing obviously. I haven't done much else yet, but I know cabinet locks are the next step, joy. I also have to get some padding for the corners of stuff. Jill bopped her face on the corner of the kitchen table and has a nice little bruise on her cheek. I have a feeling my kids are going to be as clutzy as I am. Good news for the ER's in the area, bad news for us.
That's about it over here, off to tend to the whine-o. Hope you have a whine free day!

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Cheryl Lage said...

From one clutzy mom to another, I feel your pain! (Everytime one of my kids falls, I know where they got it from! ;) )

(And thank you for the kind work wishes! It went GREAT...was even out in time to pick up the kids. :) )

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