Monday, February 16, 2009

A day of firsts

Good morning everyone! I'm just glad to see the sun today, yesterday was really gloomy and had me really unmotivated. We did make it to the farmers market though. I think there are more tents every time we go. We met up with Lani and April there which was nice since we hadn't seen them in a while.
The kids are getting better about drinking their own bottles without me holding it for them. I'll tell you what, it's the best! Aaron still has some work to do on it, but honestly I think he would just rather have one of us hold it for him. Jill will take the bottle anywhere and hold it herself.
They also took their first bath together without a bath seat last night. Jill was trying to make a tidal wave or something in the bathtub. She would just sit and kick her legs, which made Aaron mad because whenever she did it he would be reaching for a toy. It was cute to see them playing and splashing. I think this summer will be fun in the pool for sure.
That's about it over here. No real plans yet, but we'll see how the day goes :) Hope you have a great day!

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