Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Florida Aquarium and a game of peek a boo!

Aaron, Jill, Lily, Ben and Cameron
Me and the kiddos
Jill and Lily were waving at each other
Peek a boo Cameron!
Lani and I touching the starfish, we're risk takers now...seriously

That's Lily behind the mask

We went to the Florida Aquarium today with the Pierce, Lyons and Adams families. It's a really nice aquarium, we took a ton of photos, way too many for the blog, but if you are friends with me on facebook I have a ton on there, I'll probably put them on myspace at some point too. They have a lot of really neat exhibits and a lot of them are at eye level for the kids, which is always a plus! Scott and I ended up getting the annual membership because it also gives you a discount or free admission to other zoos and aquariums in Florida. It was nice to hang out with everyone too, as always! Below is a video of Jill flirting with Ben and Cameron, of course it was funnier before the camera came out, Murphy's law right?

So when we got home today we were playing in the playzone with the kids and Jill has discovered a new game, check it out! Hope you had a great day!


Lani said...

That video is awesome:) Love it, she's such a cutie:)

Aubrey said...

How fun! The kiddos are too cute!

I finally took my toddler to our city's aquarium last week. We had a really fun time and like you, I took SO many pictures!

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