Monday, March 16, 2009

Sunday Recap

Ah happy Monday morning everyone! It is super foggy over here. Do you remember when you were little and you would watch cartoons and if it was foggy in the cartoon the character would use a sword and cut through the fog? Yeah I totally wish I could do that, it's pretty nasty out. Anyway, yesterday was pretty cool. Scott has completed another step in RCIA (Rite of Catholic Initiation for Adults in case you were wondering) and I've never been prouder! We're only a few weeks away from Easter when he makes all his sacraments which is really really exciting! Yesterday afternoon we ran over to Walmart and got me a smaller desk so that way the kids have a bigger play area. We also got the kids two of those medium size plastic balls. I wish I had my camera because Scott brought Jill around the corner and she had her princess ball in her hand and was just beaming! It was almost like she was thinking "Oh my goodness look at this! It has princesses!" I'm glad $3 toys make their day, I wonder how long that will last? Aaron pouted pretty much the whole time we were there, he HATES Walmart, no clue why, just does not like it. Maybe he's just a typical guy and doesn't like to shop? Here's a photo of them playing "nice" yesterday...
Then last night after the kids went down and we (and when I say we I mean Scott) were putting the old desk in the garage we (and this time I mean we) saw the shuttle launch. Well, Scott saw it, and I saw the trail it left, I still haven't seen one. We always forget when they're going up, and coming back for that matter. I remember my first time when a shuttle returned, I about jumped out of my skin! I was sitting on the couch, watching it mind you, and I heard this 'BANG!" I thought there was a drive by or something. I called Scott and was like "Oh my God I think somebody shot someone out here!" and he was like "No, Amanda that was the shuttle landing, it's called the sonic boom, helllllllooooooooooo". It was pretty funny, and he reminds me of it everytime there is one. Here are a couple of photos Scott took last night of the trail...So then, Scott and I are in bed, getting ready to fall asleep and talking about our day, and we were talking about the songs we can't stand on the kids favorite nursery rhyme DVD and he started talking about the Apples and Bananas song. I was like what about it? And he was like (oh my gosh this is hard to type, I'm still laughing) "I hate when they switch to those foreign languages, I mean what is that?" Oh my gosh it's still as funny as it was last night, give me a minute...woooooo....So I was like "Um no, it's teaching them their vowels. A-A-A Apples and Bananas E-E-E Epples and Benenes etc." and you could literally see the light bulb click on. Oh I love my husband, but that was HILARIOUS! Can you tell we're still sleep deprived from daylight savings?
Ok, let me wipe that tear from laughing so I can as recommended by Lani, I bought the kids Signing time and they like it, a lot. Scott loves it too, he took sign language as his foreign language in college, and actually lined danced with a deaf couple, so he was really good at it. I think he's more excited about it than the kids. He's also convinced that Jill was signing dog yesterday. Maybe, who knows. The only negative I have with it is that the theme song is permanently embedded in my head, but that's not entirely bad I guess.
No big plans today, I always say that don't I but then end up doing something that would qualify as a big plan, oh well. Hope you have a great day!


BoufMom9 said...

Too funny! It's crazy how once you have kids how very much "bedroom talk" changes. LOL

Very cool about the space shuttle. I hope you get to see it land this time!

ps Thanks for stopping over and saying "hi" today :)

BoufMom9 said...

ps I am really bad about stopping by each day, but I do eventually make my rounds. lol

Michelle said...

Sorry I haven't been by lately....just kinda busy! I wish we had the opportunity to see cool stuff like shuttle launches/landings.

Pillow talk...that's too much! But, it really sounds like something I'd say....

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