Friday, March 13, 2009

I'm fabulous???

This is a great way to start the day, let me tell you! Michelle from Live, Laugh, Love & Learn nominated me for this award, and isn't is always just an honor to be nominated??? Whatever, I won it too so there! Check out Michelle's blog it truly is fabulous and has the name of one of my favorite phrases, so what's not to love? Now I have to give this award to some of my fellow bloggers and the nominees are.... Lani, April, Melissa, Nicole and Mama Kat. Be sure to check them out, they truly are fabulous blogs!

Now back to the part of my life that doesn't involve being a "fabulous" blogger (I will milk this for everything it's worth just so you know).... The kids have gotten several boxes of surprises over the past two days, spoiled? Yes! On Wednesday the kids got a box of books from Mimi and PawPaw and then yesterday they got a box of books from Auntie O'Cathy (it's really Cathy but since it's for St. Patrick's Day she added the "O" to get in the spirit). Here are some pictures of them opening their presents...Needless to say the kids book collection is expanding quite nicely. And I'm loving the bath books, I put them in the playard for the kids to flip through and read them in there, that way they can eat them, like they do with everything, and not ruin them. There's also a woman at the farmers market in Celebration that sews cloth books and I've gotten them a few of those.
Yesterday was pretty even keel, we went for a walk in the afternoon to get out of the house and because I remembered that I have the Walk for Wishes next week. I should probably get walking if I want to do this 5K, right? It was definitely a welcomed break in the day.
No big plans for today except lots of housework. Hope you have a great day!


Nicole O'Dell said...

Awwwww, thanks SO much for the award! I really appreciate it! I'll post about it tomorrow!

Congrats to you, too!

CUUUUUTE pics!! (As usual!)

Melissa said...

Books are the best..can never have too many! Those cloth books sound awesome!

Jessica said...

A child can never have too many books. I still have all the board/baby books around and my twins still like to look at them and now they can read them.

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