Monday, March 9, 2009

With love from me to you...

We met up with Lani and company today at EPCOT. It was definitely on the ummm warm side, and I have an awesome farmers tan to prove it. The people had their moments, and Lani and I needed a major pep talk and we found one in the form of a pint of Bass. Yeah, we were those moms walking around the park pushing the stroller with one hand a shot gunning a beer with the other. It was awesome though and made the tourists much more tolerable. Lani has a photo of me and my beer, I'll have to get it and put it up later. We even caught The British Invasion perform in the UK. Jill LOVED them, she was bouncing along to the music and having a good old time. Aaron, as usual, was just chilling in the backgroud.
Ok well off to watch Dancing with the Stars, even though I'm going to fast forward through half of it. Hope you had a great day!

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